Innovation Acceleration

Innovation is both Art and Science“Innovation comes from the producer, not from the consumer.
W. Edwards Demming

Innovation = Improving Revenue and Profits


Realistic Solutions has helped large and small firms develop and execute successful innovation programs. Below are examples of the global challenges organizations face and a framework for solutions to conquer the challenges.


Rapid change in technologies and processes
Increased mobility
Electronic advances in money transfer
High growth in emerging markets


Ensure that an innovation culture exists within your organization
Explore your markets to assess the impact, Incubate and Develop solutions
Ideate new opportunities, Develop and Commercialize for the optimum results
Explore the business model, test partnerships, and Commercialize results

The 2014 PwC CEO survey found that:

     35% of CEOs see product/service innovation as a key initiative for the next 12 months

     44% of CEOs prioritized developing an innovation ecosystem [culture] over the next 3 years

Innovation is a defined process from Ideation through Commercialization. It is also a combination of art and science that requires competence and experience. Each firm, and situation, is unique. One size does not fit all. Innovation requires a combination of:

  • Strategy, Discipline and Practicality
  • Creativity, Exploration and Ambitiousness

Innovation has a defined tool set, with projected outcomes, along each step of the following five Innovation Continuum processes.

                                  CLICK on any of the Continuum processes (below) for more detail and examples.

Innovation IdeateInnovation ExploreInnovation IncubateInnovation DevelopInnovation Commercialize


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