Continuum: Incubate

Innovation Incubate

Execute proof of commercialization (POC) project(s)

Evaluate POC results; refine

Test partnerships

Revise business model and assumptions

High Level Activities:

  • This is the first operational phase of commercialization.
  • Initiates the Proof of Commercialization model.
  • Test partnerships, refine partnerships.
  • Deeper due diligence into M&A activities.
  • Plan reviews, refinement and business model updates.


Incubation Examples:

  • Test marketed purchase assumptions for new market entrant in smaller markets.
  • Tested viability of partnerships prior to full exploration.
  • Took proof of commercialization prototypes to potential purchasers.
  • Set mini teams in different world zones to test the customer benefit statements.
  • Discussed strategy with business analysts at different research groups.