Continuum: Explore

Innovation Explore

Business model definition and options

Identify operational components / flow

Create new product / market definition

Identify potential partners

High Level Activities:

  • Creating the foundation for approvals to proceed.
  • Identify potential partners/markets/operational components.
  • Define, in relatively good detail, the expected results, market size, revenue and cost.
  • Leverage a business model canvas approach to build the initial business case.
  • Approval levels can be board level or departmental level; it depends on the size of the project.

Exploration Examples:

  • Built the full board presentable business plan for a new geographic market entry, including add-on services.
  • Designed the make or buy decision for a firm entering into a new segment.
  • Detailed the full IT and CRM infrastructure for a transportation firm increasing their margins.
  • Created the channel partner and analyst strategy for an redesigned product introduction.
  • Via a iterative series of meetings with early stage development, eliminated many ideation options to arrive at a set of two alternatives – with high level business models included.