Continuum: Develop

Innovation Develop

Expand POC features and functions

Test at scale

Test markets

Formalize partnerships

High Level Activities:

  • For certain size projects or types of projects the developmental stage may be combined with the Commercialization stage.
  • Testing the commercial viability of the idea(s) in defined markets or geographies.
  • Partnerships are formalized and active.
  • M&A activity is in full swing.
  • Markets are tested at scale – or within micro markets.


Development Examples:

  • A company had the idea and established the partners. They needed help in bringing the first few concepts to market. Once the process was learned, they incorporated best practices and brought the full execution in-house.
  • A SaaS firm had the core infrastructure; leveraged this process to test segments as well as different sales approaches.
  • A software firm re-tooled a portion of their software for a new application. This process was the catalyst to bring the application to market.