Continuum: Commercialize

Innovation Commercialize

Revise business model and assumptions

Launch division/mgmt. team

Build infrastructure

Execute marketing and sales strategies by world zone

Measure, assess, and adjust

High Level Activities:

  • The business model is revised based upon prior results.
  • The management is identified and the operating division is launched.
  • Infrastructure is (both human and physical) is put in place.
  • Full operations is executed at scale, by world zone.
  • Execution is the key component for revenue growth and profitability.


Development Examples:

  • Grew a $1+ Billion division form a zero ground start within 18 months, capturing 31% market share within the targeted market.
  • Fully executed the plan to increase a transportation firm’s margins per load by 11% and CSRs could accommodate 25% more customer interactions.
  • An enterprise SaaS firm increased their revenue by $40 Million on an annual basis within 3 years. Previously, this firm’s revenue was declining for the previous three years.