Innovation Successes

Following are examples of client successes defined by the highlighted stages within the Innovation Continuum:


Inno Accel 1-5 2014


  • Created sales tool (margin slider), enabling sales people to sell within company predefined margins for an early stage firm. The slider details the commission payout as the price of elements within the bundle change.



Inno Accel 1-5 2014

  • Revamped the infrastructure, customer service activities, and business rules of a $1 billion transportation firm to increase revenue and margins. As a result, their load profitability increased by 11% and the CSRs were able to handle 25% more calls with the same high levels of customer satisfaction.



Inno Accel 1,2,4

  • As a IP2Biz partner, performed numerous IPScout and execution engagements for Fortune 100 firms including, telecommunications software, medical devices, industrial cooling designs, manufacturing innovations and others.




Inno Accel 2,3 2014

  • Designed and created a go-to-market offering for an OSS/BSS division of a $41Billion  manufacturer of telecoms equipment to generate service revenue in addition to their hardware revenue streams.



Inno Accel 4 2014


  • Created novel, web-based real estate Index for $100 Million publishing firm, whose historical revenue was ad-based in traditional paper media.


Inno Accel 4,5 2014

  • Expanded the initial two page concept plan into a board presentable business plan. Then executed (with a primary member from senior management) against the plan to build a $1B business unit within 18 months. We captured 31% market share of a deregulated territory against the initial target of 10% market share. The cost of customer acquisition was within budget. This increased the firm’s revenue by 20%.


Inno Accel 1-5 2014


  • Architected and developed the first international e-commerce marketplace for a firm focused within the sporting goods manufacturing sector. The firm subsequently went public.



Inno Accel 4,5 2014

  • Added $40 million in annual revenue to an enterprise communications services firm over three years. We revamped the product lines from technically focused to application focused sales, redesigned the global accounts programs, and rebranded the division. The increase in revenue represented 18% growth.